Meet the team

We are passionate about reaching net zero carbon emissions, and determined to unlock the potential of a sustainable computing industry.

With world-class talent from leading Universities and seasoned expertise across business, tech, engineering and finance, our team operates around the globe with entities in UK, Canada and USA, with our headquarters in London.

Sath Ganesarajah
Founder and CEO Sath Ganesarajah
We want to make a significant impact on the energy sector and the data processing market. We’re showing the data market a clean way of doing energy-intensive work, and providing renewable energy operators with an intelligent revenue stream for undervalued or stranded energy.
Nimesh Mistry Chief Operating Officer Nimesh Mistry 17 Years financial markets trading experience across US, Europe and Asia
Iacopo Gil Casas Client Solutions Iacopo Gil Casas Economics & Policy of Energy and the Environment, UCL
Natasha Medlen Corporate Relations Natasha Medlen Psychological & Behavioural Sciences, Cambridge University
Sacha Roux North America Operations Sacha Roux 10 Years Corporate Administrative Experience
Andreia Carvalho Field Operations Andreia Carvalho Embedded Systems & Control Engineering, Imperial College London
Freyja Yeatman Field Operations Freyja Yeatman Engineering for Sustainable Development, Cambridge University
Eric Lipede Information Infrastructure Eric Lipede 30 Years IT and management experience across Europe, Russia, Africa and Asia
Mohammad Jabeen Product Mohammad Jabeen Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, UCL
Oliver Goodman Engineering Oliver Goodman 20 Years Data Centre Management & Electrical Engineering
Michael Haller Software Development Michael Haller 20 Years Software Engineering & Infrastructure Management
Suresh Davuluri Supply Chain & Logistics Suresh Davuluri 20+ Years Demand Forecasting & Supply Chain Management
Badar Ayaz Treasury Badar Ayaz Founder of Durhams Accountants, 10 Years Deloitte LLP
Lake Parime team in 2020


“Be open minded to new ideas, and never let titles or ego get in the way of progress” Andreia Carvalho, Field Operations


“Always do what you say, and only say what you believe” Suresh Davuluri, Supply Chain Management


“If you're ever accepting of being just 'OK', you'll never achieve things that other people can't” Mohammad Jabeen, Engineering