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Lake Parime provides sustainable engineering solutions for the High-Performance Computing and Energy Sectors

At Lake Parime we design, build, and operate High-Performance Computing (HPC) systems. We work with renewable energy operators to provide sustainable computing infrastructure for users of HPC applications such as Machine Learning, Blockchain, Visualisation, Modelling and Artificial Intelligence.

Getting the most out of variable energy sources

Working with variable energy

Matching energy supply with demand load is one of the greatest economic challenges facing renewable energy providers. When demand is low, intermittent generators are forced to curtail their output to the grid by either storing excess energy locally, or in most cases, halting production entirely. Both options represent significant financial burden. As renewable subsidies in the UK and around the world come to an end, wind and solar developers seek new business models and technologies to protect commercial viability.

Lake Parime products can improve the financial profile of intermittent generators by monetising energy that would otherwise be economically impractical to generate.

In addition to creating new revenue streams, our solution can offer an effectively zero-cost route for generators to install grid-scale storage, by functioning as hybrid data centre battery units.

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Our modular, mobile data-centre solution monetises variable and surplus electricity production for renewable generators. Energy that would otherwise be wasted is transformed into computing power delivered over the internet.

Powerbox deployments are currently operational in the UK, Canada and USA, and are available for order.

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Powerbox improves the financial profile of renewable energy operators, supporting further investment into the sector, helping to decarbonise the grid

We have developed a vertically integrated IT solution with significant innovations in power electronics, server design and data centre control systems

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